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Starting in the spring of 2018 in Helsinki (that's Finland), XR Nation's goal has always been to bring the AR & VR communities in the Nordics and Baltic region closer together.

Finland already has an established XR ecosystem with 150+ companies, half of which are located in the Helsinki metropolitan region. There are also a number of thriving communities in Oulu, Tampere, and Turku with hubs popping up in other areas as well. On average, XR companies are relatively small; 2/3 have less than 10 employees. The only way to leverage these numbers to expand the scope of the ecosystem is to follow the example of our cousins in the Finnish gaming industry and share and collaborate.

Enter XR Nation.

We are building a business ecosystem so that we can all grow. 

What we offer

For content creators

  • Get access to brands' briefs

  • Participate in offers

  • Create your own offers

  • Submit your own products to a common catalog (under construction)

  • Order products from our catalog at a member discount

  • Get access to members-only events like hackathons and design sprints


For brands

  • Submit briefs on XR needs

  • Get advice on how to link XR technology to business goals

  • Gets offers and advice regarding submitted briefs

  • Get information on past projects (ones that are made public)

  • Order standard items from the catalog (under construction)

Let's talk!